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About Game

About the Cards and Website This website was created ages ago (early 2000s). There are thousands of cards to be rotated through, and if you stay within the same computer or device you should not see the same word twice until you run through the entire deck. There are certain exceptions such as when there is an update done to the site, etc.

How to Provide Feedback You will notice on the play page, just below the cards there is a horizontal rectangle asking if you enjoyed playing the game. To provide feedback, simply click the NO button and you will be prompted to enter text. Here is where you can provide us with your valuable feedback.

How to use the Scoring Sheet The scoring sheet is super basic. Think of it as a piece of scratch paper that is just ready for you to use. If you have two teams, you can keep score for each round with each row, and separate teams by using two columns. Similarly, if you have three teams you could use three columns.

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